welcome to our blog


Welcome to our blog! we are two twin sisters from England who are now permanently living in Canada. We have decided to create a blog to show friends and family and whoever is interested in all the fun things we do whilst living here in Vancouver. Also to share our yummy recipes with you since we make a lot of really tasty vegan, YES i said vegan! food.

so before we get started on all the fun stuff we’ll tell you a little more about us! We happened to come to Canada to do a season of snowboarding in Whistler since i (Della) was a part of the snow-sports team at university and i had some friends that had been to Canada to do seasons i jumped at the opportunity. We had both dreamed of living abroad since we were young. We used to go on holidays when we were children and wished we could live in those places permanently…and now we do! Originally we came over on a one year work visa which we renewed for a second year and then through a job we managed to get permanent residency! so Canada is not getting rid of us any time soon!

We lived up in beautiful whistler for over 3.5 years and absolutely loved every second up there.If you haven’t been you must go! its a beautiful place to live and vacation. We moved to the city July 2014 since we felt there is more opportunities here and more to do! we do not regret it! i think we suit both the more quiet and relaxed whistler and the hustle and bustle of the city.

OK so please enjoy our blog and share it with whoever you want

Della and Fabia 🙂



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