VEG EXPO 2015 Vancouver

AHH! just got back from the veg expo 2015 Vancouver. Wow it was way better than expected! we thought it would just be a few stalls from places around vancouver but it was way more than that. There was a tonne of free samples if you ever go to one make sure you don’t eat anything before you go, pretty sure we just ate breakfast lunch and dinner whilst we were there. We arrived at about 10.15 and left at 2.30, we slowly walked around the stalls and tried the sample all of the food, there were quite a few chocolate stalls, zimt and giddy yoyo to name a couple! so we were pretty happy with that!

It wasn’t just food stalls though there were a lot of beauty products from well known vendors like arbonne to the newer smaller companies like lippygirl. Also vendors promoting all the good stuff like recycling and growing your own foods etc. They had a lot of guest speakers, the two that we watched were from The Vegan Project and Heather Pace who has a book on raw desserts! definitely be trying to re-create some of her recipes!


one of the most popular stands was the vegan who has the nut cheeses, which were amazing by the way! they sell all sorts of vegan product from vitamix to sweets to cheeeeesese! If your vegan you’ll know how hard it is to get your hands on a good vegan cheese, especially in Canada, we didn’t know until today that there was anywhere so this is exactly why veg expo’s are awesome!

20150531_103009 happy vegans 🙂



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