Maritime Museum, Space Museum and The Museum of Vancouver

There are a lot of museums in Vancouver and these three are all right next to each other. We got the aqua bus over to the maritime museum which in itself is a fun thing to do!


The maritime museum is located in Vanier park. The main exhibit is the St. Roch, an historic arctic exploration vessel used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The museum also has extensive galleries of model ships. Its pretty interesting if you into that kinda thing, you even get to go on board of the big vessel they have there and explore inside it.


Next we went to The H.R Macmillan Space center which we loved! just imaging that there are these people in this world studying the most amazing things and they have accomplished so much in their lives thanks to them we now know so much about our universe. It really is amazing and makes us feel so small in such an endless universe. They have a planetarium star theater where you can watch a documentary movie and learn about our solar system.


Then there is the museum of Vancouver (MOV), which was by no means boring. the exhibits include The Happy Show by Stefan by Sagmeister which definitely puts a smile on your face. It’s a display that is the result of 10 years of research into his own personal happiness after a life filled with different personal struggles. There are also displays that walk you through the 1900’s-1970’s and a section on Neon Vancouver which shows how Vancouver has lit up more and more since the 1950’s using neon lights


at the end of the day we were #HAPPY #VEGAN #TWINS


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