Birthday celebrations- seaplane tour, grouse grind and Bard on the Beach


Right so we turned another year older, although we still feel like 21 :-s . Our birthday is on June 12th. We started our celebrations on the 11th with a seaplane tour of vancouver. We always see the sea planes coming in and out of the harbour and wish we could be on one of them. So we finally just went and did it, it’s pretty expensive 120$ for a 20 minute scenic tour.  You get to see an aerial view of Vancouver city, stanly park and the harbour, we couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to do it, clear blue skies and it was just so breathtaking, we can’t believe we get to live here! We get to see these views every single day. You can take the seaplanes to whistler and the island as well. A little tip, if you have the vancouver tourism privilege pass you can go on stand by and if there is a space you can fly half price to those destinations which is a great deal.


Then on the Friday, are actual birthday we wanted to do something healthy as apposed to going out clubbing etc. So we went to grouse mountain and did the grouse grind.


We got the free shuttle from near the convention centre which was at 9am. If you can’t take the free shuttle you can take public transport which would just cost 4$. It took about 30-40 minutes on the bus to get there.

The Grouse grind is a 2.9 kilometre hike up the face of Grouse mountain, we started at 9:46 am, it was not as hard as people had hyped it up to be, yes it’s pretty steep and there are a lot of steps, 2830 to be precise, but we just took it at a steady pace, one step at a time. We made it to the top one hour and five minutes later. A little sweaty but in high spirits. For those of you who would like to frequently do the grouse grind you can buy a grind timer, it is a card that contains a radio frequency chip you swipe it at the bottom and the again at the top and it tracks your time for you so you can try and beat your personal best. If you don’t want to do the grind at all then you can just go up In the gondala which is $43.95. Pretty expensive, and then if you want to go to the very peak when you get to the top they charge you another $7, or again you can walk to the peak which is faster than getting the really slow chair lift. I recommend going to the peak because the view is a lot better from there.


Another great attraction to grouse mountain is the lumbar jack show they put on 3 times a day, it was hilarous. They make a great performance out of it and give you a great insight into what lumbar jacks do but put a comedic twist on it.

We then worked our way down the mountain on the gondala which you only have to pay $10 to get down. You can only go down via gondala you are not permitted to walk down.

When we got back downtown we decided as a birthday treat we would go to cartems donuts. The vegan apple fritter is our all time favourite cartems donut. So we bought one each and turned them into our birthday cakes.


Then our birthday celebrations were not quite over yet. We went to Bard on the beach in the evening, at vanier park. A Shakespeare play called comedy of errors. It tells a story of two sets of identical twins that were accidentally separated at birth, a series of mistaken identities occurs when they go to the same city of their long lost twins.

20150612_203912The first half was a little hard to follow since they were talking shakespearian but once you get into it, it gets easier to follow and can understand what they are saying. It ended up being awesome we really enjoyed it. Definitely be doing it again next year. The tickets were about $35 each.




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