Strawberry picking and exploring and hells gate

We had a great day exploring areas we hadn’t been before. First we went strawberry picking at North arm farm and the strawberries were amazing. It was not expensive we got about 1.5 pounds of organic strawberries for $3.55 and they tasted so so good. They are about half the price when you pick them yourself. This farm also has raspberries and blueberries to pick which will be ready in about a week from now . We will definitely be going back to pick the blueberries as they are our favourite.

North arm farm is a family run business its located in Pemberton. It is a 45 acre of mixed vegetables and fruits.



On this trip we visited a few lakes whilst on a long drive. The first lake we visited was joffrees lake provincial park which was beautiful. You can hike to all three lakes and it takes you in a loop which is about 5 hours long. The beautiful blue and green colours of the lakes comes from rock flour or glacial silt that is suspended In the water and reflects green and blue wavelengths of sunlight. You can even camp here which is a great idea now that it’s summer!

We also visited Seton Lake which is a freshwater fjord draining east via the Seton River into the Fraser River at the town of Lillooet, British Columbia, about 22 km long and 26.2 square kilometres in area, it was very scenic.

We were following the Fraser river which is 2,657 km in length and flows to the strait of Georgia, Vancouver. It is the longest river within BC. The most famous part of the river is where it is at its narrowest forcing the entire volume of the river through a gap only 35 metres wide. An arial tram takes you over the river and you can walk across on a bridge at hells gate.


We love exploring new places seeing the real Canada and its limited history.

#happy #vegan #twins


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  1. Lee says:

    Fantastic scenery and bloody scary!!! Wish we were there!


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