Science world Vancouver


We recently visited science world located on Main Street in Vancouver

Their feature exhibition right now is dinosaurs! Which is fitting since the Jurassic world movie just came out, I wonder if that was planned! It’s there until September 7th.

Also in addition to the museum there is an iMax theatre that shows different 45 minute documentries throughout the day. We saw the hidden universe. It takes you on a journey into space and brings our universe to life. There are also other movies to choose from, Dinasours Alive and Island of Lemurs:Madagascar which both look equally as amazing, we will definitely be going back to watch those and explore the science museum again.

The science museum is an interactive museum for kids and for adults alike. There are a lot of different sections, eureka, science park, puzzles and illusions to name a few. It costs 25$ for an adult and17.75 for children. It’s definitely worth the money it’s an additions 6$ for the iMax movie which we recommend. 


They also have an adults night so you can explore without any children around its only every two moths. The next one is August 21st, could be pretty fun to check out. 



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