Canada day celebrations

July 1st brings celebrations of Canada’s 148th Canada day. Usually we are both working but this time Fabia had the day off and I finished work at 12:30pm. Our past Canada days were spent in whistler and we were usually working but got to catch a little bit of the parade on our lunch breaks which was fun. This year we are in the city so we wanted to see how Vancouver celebrates Canada day, we were not disappointed.

me canada

We took a stroll down Coal Harbour and to Canada place, where there was a lot going on, many street artists and vendors. There was one street performer jumping on a pogo stick that was ten feet high whilst fitting his whole body through a child’s tennis racket. This looks extremely hard but he managed to somehow do it.


We then made our way to Jack Poole plaza to what dance performers from vancouver circus school. They did a great job. it was about a half an hour show with several performers including three girls doing acrobatics.

2 girlswhite

they also had the Olympic Cauldron lit all day!


There was a parade that started at 7 pm we went to west Georgia and Broughton which was where it began. It lasted an hour which just goes to show how many people took part, it showed many of the different nationalities that live in Canada and how diverse Vancouver alone is.


Then to end the day was a fireworks show from 10:30pm to 11:00pm they were set up at the Burrard inlet so we headed down to Coal Harbour area. You could view the fireworks from Stanley park and Canada place also, so there was plenty of room for people and it did not feel over crowded like it does at the celebration of lights. The display was amazing and you could tell everyone’s anticipation for the last minute of fireworks where they go all out!


pretty great Canada day 🙂



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