Noodlebox vegan dinner

WOW! is all we can say after attending a vegan dinner at the Noodlebox.  We visited the Noodlebox in Gastown, the vibe as soon as you walked in to the restaurant was very lively and fun. They even had a DJ playing, I’m not sure if this was just because they were hosting a vegan dinner or if they have a DJ on every night but it was a fun experience, he was playing decent music and it wasn’t too loud that you couldn’t talk to the people around you.

They gave us plenty of food, we have been to the Noodlenox once before and we go the spicy peanut noodle box, since we love peanut butter we loved this dish and it was a large portion. This time we were given a special set menu. First we started with spring rolls and a noodle salad-which is not on their menu. They were both tasty and well presented although the spring roll wasn’t the best spring roll we ever tasted I think it was just a different type than we are used to.


Secondly we had the black bean stir fry, which had tofu and bean sprouts in. The dish had plenty of the black bean sauce which we really liked as we like lots of sauce! We were apparently only given half portion but it was still huge.


Then we moved on to the Singapore cashew curry. This dish was delicious it had a kick to it compared to the first dish. When you order normally they will ask you how spicy you would like it. For us they used rice noodles instead of the egg noodles and omitted the fish sauce.  Again it was a huge half portion, safe to say we had leftovers for two days after.


Then for dessert we had a deep fried banana spring roll and some rice pudding! Both of which are not on there regular menu. They said everything was cooked separate from the meat food, the banana spring rolls cooked in separate oil etc. They did an amazing job and defiantly won over a few vegan hearts.





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