Lynn canyon-norvan falls hike

Today we went to Lynn canyon park. We took public transport from the west end of downtown Vancouver. It took just over an hour to get there, wasn’t as bad as it sounds we had to take two busses. We got the 240 and the 228. When we got there we started by going to the suspension bridge, it is 50 meters and stretches across a beautiful canyon with waterfalls and pools. It wasn’t a very long suspension bridge but it was quite bouncy, not as bad as capillano’s though.


There is also a 30 foot pool which is on the way to the pipe bridge, it’s pretty cold but there were a lot of people swimming in it. It was quite a busy area, lots of kids around, I suggest hiking down the trails and taking a dip in the river further down If you want somewhere to cool off.

We then went on a hike, we had no specific goal in mind we just wanted to hike so we started at the Lynn loop trail. The Lynn loop is just 1.5 hours and it is 5.1km round trip. We decided to not do the loop and keep going up the trail onto cedars mill trail on to headwaters trail and at this point we were supposed to turn right to the falls however we got distracted and did not see the small sign so we kept following the trail up to Hanes valley junction, the terrain got more difficult as you went along and the last section you definitely need to keep an eye on which direction you are going, luckily they put yellow dots on the trees so you know which direction to go

At this point we were getting very tired we just wanted to make it to the NorVan falls. We reached the junction and noticed a big yellow sign that said caution you are now ntering the backcountry…. Uh ohh, under this sign was a map with a you are here pointing to Hanes valley junction. So we turned around and made our way back to the point we went wrong, we should have turned 200 metres to the right instead of one km to the left, whoopsie.


We eventually made it to the falls and it was beautiful! There was a mini rainbow forming at the bottom of it. There is a small pool at the bottom that if you wanted to you could definitely dive in and cool off. We just dipped our feet in though that was enough for us.

The way back you have to go the same way you came all in all we walked over 18km! Pretty tired after that but it wasn’t that hard of a hike just the last couple km on the way there was i little tough climbing up and down. I recommend you take bug spray and sun screen plenty of water and snacks!


Also reccommend setting off really early and you can make it all the way to Lynn lake which is 21.4km and takes over 10 hours there and back. We will definitely go back and work our way to the lake next time!



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