Hairspray and Oliver #theatreunderthestars

Last year we both moved to Vancouver and one of the first things we wanted to do was go to see a show or a concert. So we did some research and discoverd Theatre Under The Stars in Stanley park. They were showing a production of Legally Blonde. It was so much fun and they did such a great job we decided we would go check it out again this year.

Theater under the stars is a not for profit society. That entertains with musical Theater shows helping young and old performers alike develop their skills and gain experience working with professionals.

We bought our tickets early on, perhaps the end of May and had our seats randomly allocated, it just so happened they were front row and center Woohoo! We bought tickets to see both of this years productions which are Hairspray and Oliver Twist. Two very different genres. Hairspray is about a young overweight teenage girl from Baltimore city who wants to perform on a popular TV show in the 1960’s , with the help her new friends she makes it on the show and uses her fame to advocate for racial integration. It was so much fun to watch, the songs were the kind you can sing along to and just want to get up and dance with the performers, it was very colorful and entertaining.

(Oliver twist)

Whereas Oliver Twist is an English story of a young orphan boy set in the 1800’s who is taken in by an elderly man who trains children to become pick pocketers. Along the way he has lots of misfortune and decides he is not fit for the life of crime. It is a dark tale and they did a great job of telling the whole story. The show was full of suspense and tragedy with somewhat happy ending. They did a great job keeping the audience engaged and involved in the show. Oliver Twist was played by a young girl, who looked and sounded the part, her English accent was great!


The shows are playing on alternate nights throughout July and August. So still plenty of time to grab tickets (only 35$).


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