Basil hummus

So a simple recipe for hummus! Hummus is really easy to make and you can put anything  in it. We decided to make a basil hummus since we love basil.


One can of chickpeas

Half a small lime

2 tablespoons tahini

1 Clove of garlic, to your own preference

Hand full of basil leaves


 Drain the chick peas, put the liquid from the chick peas in to a glass and leave to the side. Pour the chick peas into the food processor add the tahini, the juice from the lime and the garlic and the basil, add a small amount of the liquid from the chickpeas then turn on the food processor for a good 30 seconds add more juice from the chickpeas if you want it to be more of a liquid consistency but hummus should not be too runny, you want to be able to dip your chips or vegetables in it šŸ™‚

Health benefits to hummus:-

High in fiber

High in protein

Can help lower cholesterol 

Helps prevent cancer

Help you lose weight

Help your bones grow stronger

Good source of iron

Healthy choice of food 

Controls blood sugar levels

High in anti oxidants 

Acceptable for most allergies



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