The Wayward Cafe in Seattle, vegan restaurant

Oh wow! We visited Seattle and the first place we went was the Wayward Cafe. We had never heard of it before we just put vegan Seattle into to our search engine and it came up with this as an option. When we arrived we didn’t have to wait too long for a table, it was quite busy, obviously a popular place to eat. We were amazed when we looked at the menu not only by the abundance of choice but also the fact that you could order anything of the breakfast lunch and dinner menus ALL day long! That’s right you can order dinner at breakfast and breakfast at dinner etc, pretty cool. We were slightly overwhelmed but the choice but limited ourselves to the breakfast menu since that’s what we went in for. Oh and did I forget to mention this place is 100% VEGAN!


We made our decision and had a short stack of pancakes and added chocolate chips to them for an extra 50 cents. There were also other additions if you wanted them. And also the ex Benedict which was grilled ham, ‘eggy’ omelette round, avocado and tomato slices atop an open face whole wheat English muffin, covered with our house-made cashew hollandaise sauce. Served with hash browns. They were both amazing dishes. The pancakes were quite large and served with vegan butter and maple syrup. We shared both dishes so we could get the best of both, one sweet dish one savoury dish.



I definitely recommend that you visit this place for breakfast lunch or dinner when you visit Seattle.


#fatvegan #food #seattle #yummy #pancakes #comfortfood


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