Plum bistro, Seattle

We recently went to Seattle and whilst we were there obviously decided to check out a vegan restaurant…or two. The Plum Bistro is where we decided to go for dinner one night. It is a 100 percent vegan and organic restaurant.


We decided to order two different dishes and share them. We had the grilled olive pesto tofu with asparagus and smashed purple potatoes, it was also gluten free. It was very tastey and asparagus just so happens to be my favourite. Also we tried one of their gourmet burgers, el Besito caliente (the spicey little kiss) which was pastrami style tofu, tomatoes, cucumber, grilled onions, avacado, jalapeño aoli, can be made gluten free also. It was an interesting burger definitely not like normal veggie burgers, which is a good thing it was unique and Served with fries which is always a bonus :-).

image image

The plum bistro is located on 1429 12th avenue



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  1. Dad says:

    Looks wonderful, very very tasty!

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