Grasslands in Toronto

So my twin sister and I recently visited Toronto and did the whole Google search for vegan restaurant and came accross Grasslands, we noticed the front of the restaurant doesn’t visibly say Grasslands so we walked past it once or twice. As we entered, the decor was nice and there was a cozy feel to the place, we arrived at 8pm and they seemed fairly busy it was a Saturday night we did ring ahead and book a table do we didn’t have to wait for a table.

To be honest there wasn’t a great deal on the menu that was to our taste since we dont like fake meat options or Temph, however we managed to decide on two dishes. For starters we ordered zuccinni sweet potato fritters- zuccinni, sweet potato, red onion, and rice flower croquette, on a bed of marinated slaw. The dish was a good size for sharing and was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, lots of flavor and served with a nice garlic aoli.

The cocktails we had were the spicy gingerman which had vodka, fangelico, butterscotch schnapps, gingerale and cinnamon and a chai iced tea which was organic chai tea, kahlua, vodka, almond milk, nutmeg they were both tastey, perhaps the chai cocktail would be better drank not with food and just on its own as it had ‘milk’ in it.

For our main dishes we had a chiggin burger which was a corn crisp crusted cutlet, tomato, lettuce, cameralised onion, pesto and a Chipotle mayo served with fries and a really nice salad. The chiggin was so good it reminded us of quorn products that you can find in England.

The second dish we had was a tofu dish, two big slices of tofu served with shaved zuccinni, a rich bbq sauce, salad, cauliflower and broccoli. The tofu was a great consistency, firm and there was lots of bbq sauce which is always great, there was also plenty of greens on the plate to balance out the burger and fries…

Then as if we wern’t full enough I insisted on getting dessert since the cookies and cream dish sounded so good, we had a little break before ordering and then went for it. It came as three cookies stood on a dark chocolate cashew mousse with a couple strawberries for decoration and a mango and cranberry coulis, we asked for ours on the side though as we are not too keen on coulis. After all our dinner that we ate we were too full to eat even eat one of our cookies, we had been defeted. They were very nice cookies but we recommend they serve the cookies warm which is what we were expecting. We left the two oat cookies for breakfast the next day.

The service we recieved was great we would definitely recommend that you
visit grasslands if you happen to go to Toronto.



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