Vancouver veg expo

VEG EXPO 2016 Vancouver!

Last week Vancouver was graced by the presence of Veg expo 2016! Its the 3rd year in Vancouver and the second time we have been to the Vancouver Expo. Hopefully we will be able to go every year! It seems as though the veg experience is getting more and more popular because boy was it busy! The aisle’s were packed by 11 o’clock. We got there nice and early at 10 am and stayed until the end! 100% Pure Veg geeks we know! We heard that people were lining up to get in for a really long time and people were giving up and going home, this could be a sign that next year they could spread it over 2 days or find  larger location! We bought our tickets on social shopper for by one get one free so it was super cheap and with all the free samples you get its definitely worth it!

We noticed this year that they focused more on the smaller vegan companies, lots from BC. To name a few- which is actually getting quite big now! They were probably the most popular!, Nice Vice ice cream which is sweet potato and coconut based and delicious!.. and CHIA KAPOW NOW! A locally made cereal containing Chia, dates, nuts, pumpkin seeds, fruit and more good stuff! Also there were many guest speakers that we went to, a couple of them were Dreena Burton who talked about plant based cooking and Mandy King who spoke about how to boost your energy naturally which is great because everyone wants more energy and we would much rather get it naturally than from a cup of coffee!

We invested in some protein powder since we are about to start a 6 week Cross fit Challenge (stay tuned for posts about that) we decided to go with Genuine Health fermented vanilla vegan protein powder which has grams of protein per scoop we like it in smoothies but it also tastes good with just almond milk or cold water. The fact that it is fermented means it absorbs easier into our body, so we were told.


We spent so long at the Veg Expo because we took our time talked to the people who were promoting their brand and taking part in the fun activities that were on offer. There was a lot of fun stuff to do, our friend got Henna on her hand which was awesome it was by donation and it looked amazing! The Henna gets applied on pretty thick and then one its dried you crumble it off and it gradually darkens after 24 hours! and lasts for a couple of weeks…We got our photos taken with a go pro and entered a tonne of competitions which none of us won anything :-(.vegexpo16

At the end of the day we left with a lot of goodies, yes of course there is some dark chocolate in there what’s a veg expo without a purchase of some chocolate, also granola, hummus, himalayan sea salt, lots of free protein powders and even some vegan dog biscuits!




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  1. I really wanted to go this year, but it was on a Sunday (again)… Sounds like you had a great time!


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