Portland and VegFest 2016!

So, Portland bound we are!….If you don’t already know, Portland is somewhat of a Vegan Haven. Portland offers a wide variety of Veg friendly restaurants like Blossoming Lotus, A.N.D Cafe and Vtopia Cheese shop and Deli. Portland also has a handful of totally vegan bakeries such as Petunia’s Pies and Back to Eden Bakery.(of course we tried our best to visit as many as possible in the few days we were there!).

Ok, so its October 20th when we arrive on the good ol’ Bolt Bus, we pull up downtown and walk to the hostel via  Ben and Jerry’s… now, B&J is not usually a place we would even consider going inside, but we had heard they now offer Dairy free ice cream!… So with our luggage in tow we pop inside and ask for a scoop of whichever dairy free item they have- in this case, i think it was our favorite out of the flavors they carry – Peanut Butter Cookies! we just shared one scoop as we knew we would have lots more goodies to come over the next few days! It was delicious, if you come across it, definitely give it ago! Even if your not Vegan.

Once we checked in to the Hostel we headed of to the all vegan shoe shop just a few blocks from where we were staying, Ether shoe shop. We were both in desperate need of some vegan boots! We took over the small store and tried on every boot in the store, pretty much!

Yay! cruelty free boots!


Ether Shoes is on  NW 23rd Ave .They have a great selection of shoes! and 23rd Ave is a great place for boutique shopping.

That evening we went to Vtopia Cheese shop and Deli on SW Jefferson st. We had heard of there cheeses and were excited to try some of there food! We both had a Toasted sandwich each and shared!  Macadamia and Cashew Camembert with Seitan Bacon and a Buffalo Berry – Tofu and buffalo sauce with pomegranate  blackberry preserves. Actually the best sandwiches ever! Cant wait to go again..

“Tofu Buffalo Berry”


“Camembert Bacon”

October 21st

Second day in Portland brings A.N.D cafe for breakfast. We came here last year also as we were in search for vegan waffles, This year we went for a waffle on the specials board, Banana and Oat Waffle and we added chocolate chips and a Tofu Benny- herbed biscuit topped with tofu and hollandaise sauce (a popular dish in Portland). We shared both of course…its the best having someone to share food with since you get to try more!

Banana Oat ChocChip Waffle, yes, its as good as it looks!
Tofu Biscuit Benny





Next we went for a walk to downtown Portland and we were not sure what to do next, so we went on google maps to see how far Back to Eden Bakery was and Petunias Pies and pastries! It just so happened we were a 3 minute walk from Petunias…. OK well we may as well go and have a look whilst we were there right?. I honestly have not seen cakes like this before they were huge! HUGE! up-to 6 layers high…. We were having such a hard decision deciding what to pick as we just wanted to share one thing….we took at least 15 minutes to decide. We went with a trusty chocolate Peanut Butter Pie…It was also a big slice and very decadent. Next time we will go for a slice of cake for sure!

Petunia’s Peanut Butter Pie

We then went to a chocolate shop called Creo that is Family owned and sells mostly vegan chocolate. We had a tour of their facility and the owner showed us how they make the chocolate from start to finish and told us the story of how it all began. The owners first traveled to North America, going from chocolate shop to chocolate shop and visiting cacao farms in Ecuador. They sold their family farm and worked with a farmer in Ecuador to produce their fantastic chocolate.

We even got to make our own chocolate bar which was fun, of course we had a bit of help… I think our bars turned out well and we got to put what ever we liked on to it.

Della’s Creo Creation
Fabia’s Creo Creation

Of course we both couldn’t decide on toppings so just splashed a whole load of goodies on top!

That night we went to Blossoming Lotus restaurant, our favourite restaurant in Portland…we went there twice last year and twice this year. Last year they had the most amazing Mac and Cheese it was incredible so we ordered the Mac and Cheese again this year, unfortunately it didn’t live upto our expectations this time round, not as cheesey! We also shared the Live Nachos-Raw spicy live chips with veggies and cashew sour cream, very flavourful and raw food is surprisingly very filling! After we had finished dinner we noticed Dr Neil Barnard, the key note speaker at tomorrow’s VegFest! He was dining with a few friends who were listening intently to him talk about something very informative we’re sure….

“Live Nachos”

October 22nd 2016

Portland VegFest day!  What is VegFest you ask? Well.. A Vegan Festival is an opportunity for a whole bunch of vegan companies to get together under one roof to showcase their products. Most are new companies and lots are local to the area, well know vegan chefs/doctors/bloggers give talks and cooking demonstrations too.

We scoped out all the stalls first and tried samples of the food items such as the various kombucha,nut butters,field roast burgers,chocolate,cheeses and many many more .(there was healthy stuff too,promise!)

Del bought a Vegan T Shirt! “Eat with Compassion”

After the initial walk around of the hall we needed a break so we went to see Dr Niel Bernard talk. His topic today was cheese. At first we thought, why do we need to listen to a talk on cheese, we are already vegan! However I’m sure not everyone was vegan there and the talk proved to be very informative. We discovered that cheese is one of the most heavily processed foods you can find and its very addictive, basically its very bad for you and its 70%fat!

We also went to a talk by chef AJ on unprocessed foods. She informed us that being a vegan eating unprocessed whole foods you can eat as much as you like and stay skinny because most of what you eating is fruit and veg and legumes. OK!

October 23rd

Our last day in Portland and we decided to start it off with breakfast from Blossoming Lotus. We decided to both get the Vegan Benny. Its hands down the best Vegan Benny by far…hearbed biscuit topped with tofu and holladaise sauce. They also had on the menu a giant cinnabun which we saw a couple people order whilst we were there and let us tell you when they say giant that’s exactly what they mean! You would definitely need to go with a sweet tooth to eat that…perhaps next time…and there will be a next time!


Fabia and her Benny! In true U.S style, its huuuge!


That night we went on a Halloween Shanghai Tunnel Tour. It delved into the underground shanghai trade in Portland in 1850-1941 as well as white slavery and prohibition. It was such an interesting tour and it took about 2 hours we got to spend a lot of time down in the underground and we were told a few ghost stories since it was almost Halloween.


Underground Portland.

Do you see any ghosts? BOO! Portlandtunnels.com

That day we also went on a trip to see a few of the many waterfalls Oregon has to offer. Since we don’t drive we went with a company called Wildwood Adventures and Tours. We visited a few falls, Latourell falls, Wahkeena Falls- this falls crashes over 242 feet, Multnomah falls which is the highest waterfall in Oregon and Horsetail falls 176 foot waterfall gets its name from its shape. Our tour guide was great and would definitely recommend the tour if you don’t have a car of your own.


Multnomah Falls


Horsetail Falls

As you can see, there is SO much to do in Portland! Next we would like to see the Oregon coast! and try more Vegan food!..

Until next time Portland!….

#Happy #Vegan #Twins

Fab&Del xoxo

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