Vegan Chili!

You my think Chili would be a go to dish for a vegan but we honestly haven’t made one before so this was a bit of an experiment…Which is good as we love making new dishes!

Id’d say the chili we made was mild, so not spicy!

We are trying to make sure we eat enough protein in our diet. One of the most commonly asked questions when you tell someone you  are vegan is “where do you get your protein from?”. There are a tonne of vegan protein sources and you can easily get your recommended daily allowance, but we don’t always take note of exactly how much protein we are getting, as i’m sure many meat eaters don’t also… so we have decided to be a little more conscious of our protein intake.

To give you an idea of vegan protein options, all of which you can throw in the chili you make!:

One cup black beans is 34g protein

One cup red kidney beans is 43g protein

one cup chickpeas is 39 g protein

one cup green peas is 8g protein

one cup of quinoa is 8g protein

one cup sunflower seeds 10g protein

one cup pumpkin seeds 12g protein

Women are recommended to get at least 46 grams protein per day and men 56g.

With a good bowl of oats with sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts, for breakfast, followed by chili for dinner with some quinoa, we will get more then the average protein intake! and there is always the vega protein powders (20g protein per scoop) for a post work out boost!



So, back to this chili we made…


One can rinsed black beans

one can rinsed red kidney beans

one zucchini (courgette) chopped

one small onion diced

one can diced tomatoes

half can coconut milk

4 carrots chopped

2 tbsp tomato paste

one orange and one yellow pepper

one eggplant (aubergine)

one tbsp cumin

one tsp paprika

one and half tsp onion powder

half tsp turmeric


Slice the eggplant in to one inch rounds, lay on kitchen roll and salt on both sides, leave to the side so the kitchen roll will absorb any of the juices.

Chop the peppers, onion, zucchini and place in the slow cooker.

Rinse beans and place in slow cooker, throw in  the diced tomatoes, tomato paste, coconut milk and spices. Mix well and turn on slow cooker, set to 4 hours if you have a timer.

Place the eggplant on to a baking tray and spray with oil, place in oven on 350 for 20 minutes or until cooked.

Once the eggplant is done, chop and mix in with the chili.

Serve with cooked quinoa.








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