ACAI bowls in Vancouver

WOW! acai bowls are seriously the best invention ever! these are just a few of the ones we have tried! They are basically smoothie bowls with acai in.

Acai is a superfood which comes as a puree that can be blended with frozen fruit then serve in a bowl topped with  toppings like granola, coconut shavings and fresh fruit. They are delicious (although we  wish they were cheaper since some of them can be pretty expensive!)

We have checked a few different places now so here’s the low down… One of our favorites is from Buddah full in North Vancouver. The Nutter butter- gluten free granola (house-made) + acai +peanut butter + banana + dates. So damn good! You can also turn any of their smoothies in to a smoothie bowl too, we tried their pumpkin smoothie bowl which was delish. They are also really good if you want to share a bowl with someone they will split it into two smaller bowls which is great. This place is probably the most expensive so far at $13.75 per bowl! I know its so expensive! we wish they were a couple dollars cheaper.

acai buddahfull
Buddha-full “nut-thing” Acai Bowl

Body energy club

With 7 locations in Vancouver B.E.C is in almost every neighborhood!, and conveniently located at our gym!

Body energy club’s Blueberry almond- Acai, banana, blueberry, almond butter, almond milk, garnished with hemp granola, banana, almonds, and seasonal fruit- $8.95, it tastes amazing and you can also order a unsweetened version. This one is probably one of the best, taste and price wise!

acai bec

Victorias health store

“Vickys” as we call it, has a great acai bowl and a chocolate unicorn bowl- topped with shaved almonds, banana, peanut butter or almond butter and shaved coconut. for $10-$11 per bowl, they are pretty big portions as well and its a struggle to finish, sometimes even too much topping (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!?). They have three locations now, one in North Vancouver conveniently located up the road from us, on Hornby street downtown and on Broadway!

acai vickys
Victoria’s Health Store

Radicle Juice (Main St East Vancouver)

We heard about this place through social media of course! the acai bowls are amazing they are huge and their menu has six choices so it has the most variety from all the places we have been. The price ranging from $11.50- $12.25, we tried the protein one- Acai blended with coconut milk, banana, protein (kaizen). Topped with granola, banana, hemp, and pumpkin seeds and the Nutter Butter-acai, banana, almond milk, nut butter topped with banana and cocoa nibs. They were both very tasty. We would recommend adding another type of fruit to the Nutter butter bowl, strawberries would make a nice addition.

acai radicle
Radicle Juice “Protein bowl”


radicle juice
Radicle Juice “Nutter Butter”



Glory Juice

Again, with a location close to home and several locations around Vancouver, Glory juice is fast becoming everyone’s favourite place for smoothies and juices. We tried the creamy nutty- frozen acai berries, raspberries, blueberries , banana, almond milk, maple syrup, glory nut butter topped with glory granola (homemade), banana, cacao nibs $13. The homemade granola is amazing and you can purchase it to take home too! Again, Glory Juice is one of the most expensive! (but one of the best)

They have 4 choices of acai bowls. You can also turn any of their smoothies in to smoothie bowls giving lots of variety.

acai glory juice
Glory Juice- “creamy nutty”


The Twiceasnice kitchen

Anyways, this of course inspired us to create our own smoothie bowl at home!

We didn’t have any acai in so we made a protein smoothie bowl, made with frozen banana,cherries and blueberries, a dash or almond milk and scoop of protein powder, a few dates for sweetness. Blend in vitamix, using the tamper to help mix the ingredients without adding too much almond milk. Once you have your desired consistency, then top with whatever you like! We used granola, coconut shavings, hemp hearts, peanut butter and raspberries.


acai homemade


Hope this inspires you to try one now!



























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