Our top 5 favourite vegan restaurants in Vancouver!


Meet in Gastown/on Main

Meet is just about to open their third location, each one seeming to be more popular than the other! Its great to see it experiencing so much success. Meet is mostly about the comfort food, with options for healthier choices too. The burgers are the best, aand the fries! hands down the bet fries in Vancouver. With options like the double cheese double bacon burger, mac and cheese, macro bowl and veggie chilli, there is something for everyone!

first pic- Veggie chilli/ second pic- Macro bowl
Mac’n’Cheese burger with Satay fries


Zend is a vegan restaurant located in Yaletown it also offers an all day breakfast with a quiche and a pancake option! All of their food is healthy and you won’t feel guilty after indulging a little. They offer cooked and raw dishes and snacks too. They do not serve alcohol instead they have their own elixer called Zend, it is brewed locally with an infusion of soothing herbs and minerals. It’s supposed to give you the feeling that alcohol does!

raw veggie burger
Buckwheat Pancakes

Indigo age

Indigo age is full of amazing nutritious food with some Ukrainian influences! They offer high tea for two, and look out for the Groupon deal for high tea for two people for $40! sometimes when we go to Indigo age we think the portion sizes are small but then we eat and are never disappointed the food is very filling since its so nutrient dense. We tried out the tea for two last time we went and it gives you a good sample of some of the items on offer. P.S their desserts are sooo tasty!

Raw vegan high tea


Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie!  Our absolute fave pizza! It’s very different than your traditional domino’s pizza and pizza hut. You finish a virtuous pie pizza and you don’t feel guilty and disgusting for eating it. They make all their own cheese and all the ingredients are fresh and local. There is also brunch on weekends which is a definite must try. The tater tot and the tofu Benny pizza followed by chocolate banana cal-zone… yes please! They also make their own ice cream which is super delish and creamy!


Chocolate Hazelnut and cinnamon banana calzone
virtuous pie
Tofu Benny pizza


Chickpea hut

This restaurant started off with a food truck and now has its very own restaurant on main  street and often has a line up out the door. The food is great and they have chickpea fries which also happen to be gluten free too. The portions are big and they serve the menus to you inside children books which is cute! most the items on the menu can be served either as a pitta/salad plate/hummus plate or a platter. mmmmm

Shnitzelonim, battered smoked tofu with chickpea fries
Latkes gan Eden, crispy Latkes with Hummus and salad.

Hopefully you will try, and love these restaurants too!



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  1. I’ll have to check out Zend! So few places offer vegan breakfasts! (fruit cups do NOT count)


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