Our favourite smoothies in Vancouver!

Top 5 smoothie hubs in Vancouver

If you know the both of us you will know we have a thing for smoothies and Acai bowls! we love love love them! we  don’t know how there was a life before them. It’s all thanks to a friend in Whistler who sold us his ninja for $25 since he upgraded to a Vitamix, this was about 5 years at least now. We used that thing until it stopped working and then bought our own Ninja which was great. Then one day we were at Veg expo in Portland and they had a Vitamix stall there so we decided to upgrade. If you know anything about blenders you will know that Vitamix has an amazing reputation and is the best out there!

Victorias Health

Now with three locations they are making it easier for us to buy more smoothies! uh ohhh. Our favourite ones from Vicky’s are the majoon, date nut and rise and shine! you can of course make us your own smoothie and add things to it. Most of their smoothies have a scoop of protein powder in. $7-$7.50 and they are a decent size!

vickys smoothie
Victoria’s Pumpkin special

Body Energy Club

Body energy club is great they have a huge choice of smoothies from ones with high protein to super-food smoothies! our favourits are the blueberry thrill and the razzabutter  or for a banana based one try the Maca rush (little tip:- ask them to blend them a few seconds longer for the banana ones). $8


The Juice Truck

The Juice truck has great smoothies! we have had the peppermint one and Syrawberry coconut, but still need to work our way thought the rest of the menu. They have their juice truck which is usually located on Burrard and Robson outside Lululemon, they also have stores in Yaletown and Steveston 5th avenue mount pleasant and Gastown. Their smoothie sizes are a bit smaller and $8-$9

juice truck smoothie
Juice Truck Peppermint coco
juice truck.jpg
Juice Truck Strawberry coconut


Vita save has a location near where we live that we just discovered! We haven’t tried many of them yet but the cashew vanilla is delicious! something we noticed about them is they are not the coldest smoothies, we figure they must use fresh fruit and not frozen fruit which is why most smoothies are usually colder? o maybe they just don’t add extra ice… They are still super tasty and we totally recommend them! price: around $8.50

cashew vanilla
Cashew Vanilla



And of course nothing beats a homemade smoothie! Our favourite go to smoothie is banana, blueberry, cherry and we like to add Vega vanilla protein powder to it for extra protein! our favourite add-ons would be hemp hearts, spinach or kale, coco powder and shaved coconut cost-around $3. bargin!


homemade smoothie
Homemade cherry chocolate
pumpkin home.jpg
Homemade Pumpkin Smoothie

Obviously its cheaper to make at home, but its nice to have the option to grab a yummy smoothie on the go when your out and about!

Thanks for reading!

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