Food tour of L.A

If you have read our previous blog on Crossroads kitchen you know we went to L.A last year and omg there was an abundance of vegan food there, we did our damned best to go to as many places as possible!

Plant Food and Wine

Plant Food and Wine is located in Venice, we hopped in our very first Uber and made our way there (funny thing- the guy we pooled the Uber with we ended up pooling on the way back too coincidence!) It was a beautiful evening so we decided to eat outside! we of course shared all our meals so we got to taste as much as possible.

pfw patio


We started with sharing the Cashew raclette with grilled lodge bread it was delish! for mains we had the spicy udon with temph, it was our first time having an udon dish and even temph! we loved it. We also shared the Asian pear salad for some greens! For dessert we shared a tiramisu we didn’t take a picture because it didn’t look like anything special but boy was it delicious! It was our first time having tiramisu since being vegan and the last time we had it would have been at one of our mum’s and dads parties when our mum made one! 10/10

Sage vegan Bistro

Sage vegan bistro, located on sunset boulevard, is more of a relaxed casual comfort food kind of place, again we sat outside since it was such a beautiful evening! We ordered their gluten free soft baked pretzels they were hands down amazing i have no idea how they do it but they were perfect and served with nacho cheese, habenero cream cheese and maple mustard dips! we also ordered the jalepeno poppers which were great but too hot for us so we could not eat them! next was the butternut squash ravioli! omg it was delish… grilled and served with pesto sauce. for dessert we shared a salted caramel raw cheesecake! ahhh food heaven!

Sage vegan bistro



Little Pine

Next we went to Moby’s Little Pine restaurant, located in Silver Lake, for brunch. We shared the tofu scramble and a  biscuit with maple butter! both were very tasty! The biscuit tasted similar to a scone and was nice and light, we would defiantly go back here and try some more yummy dishes!

little pine
Moby’s Little Pine

Dogtown coffee

As we were staying in Santa Monica we asked @diningwithdevyn what her favourite spots in L.A were and she mentioned that Dogtown coffee has the best vegan breakfast burrito, located in Venice. We thought it was great but actually a little bland but would recommend it nonetheless, it was a decent size so was enough for us to share with a nice fresh smoothie on a beautiful sunshiny L.A day!

dogtown cafe

Acai bowls!

The Hive                                                                                     Backyard Bowls

the hive acai
Power up acai- no honey

backyard@-Power bowl with no honey

The first day we arrived we went and shared an acai bowl from The Hive- we went with the power up bowl which is acai, almond butter, cacao, maca, reishi, almond mylk, banana, vanilla topped with strawberries, blueberries, hemp granola and coconut nectar. it was $15usd about $19 Canadian dollars… that is hands down ridiculously expensive- it wasn’t even as big as half the acai bowls you can find in Vancouver! This was our first taste of how expensive this trip was going to be!

On our last day we went to Backyard bowls and had a Power bowl- acai, peanut butter, banana, blueberry, pea protein,hemp milk and topped with granola, almonds, banana, blueberry and hemp seeds which was SO tasty!

Both of these places are located in Santa Monica

Now we saved the best until last of course!…..



A vegan cinnamon bun shop! located on sunset boulavard, literally vegan version of heaven! we decided to share one but you can easily demolish one to yourself! EASY lol we got peanut butter frosting with Oreos! you can put any topping on you like they are made to order. Their frostings vary from cream cheese to chai to raspberry and marshmallow. The toppings vary from cookie dough to banana to pretzels and pecans! #insane. Oh and for those of you reading this and will be in Vancouver on May 27th for the veg expo apparently cinnaholic will be there hopefully giving out free samples…is this a sign they will be opening a store in Vancouver??? we hope so!






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