Veg expo Vancouver 2018!

Veg Expo Vancouver 2018! you did it again! what a day filled with so much fun and good food! We arrived about 9:30am and we were not the first! by the time the hall opened there was a huge line up! looks like people are starting to catch on.

There were so many stalls so we started from one end and gradually made ourselves through the isles we got about half way through and we were full so took a break and went to a talk and caught a little of Adam Harts speech. We tried to hit most of the talks on stage. Our favourite talkers were Stevan Mirkovich from @Think Green Health, the Panel which consisted of two of our favourite social media influences- Steph Yu (@happyandhealthy96) and Erin Ireland from @todiefor and of course the most anticipated talker of the day which was Kip Anderson who created Cowspiracy and What The Health!

Each talk bringing different topics to the stage from health and fitness to environmental impact and sustainability! it never gets old educating ourselves on these subjects and we always leave feeling inspired.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the last talker who was 13 year old Daniel Bissonnette, wow! was he a good talker he came across so confident and super motivational for kids and adults alike!

collage veg expo


There were some great stalls some product that stood out to us was Wise Bites, Amai coco creme, Honest juice, Earth lab cosmetics, Vegan Rob’s, Scheese and of course Vegan Supply! We ended up buying a few things like Hippie snacks, Arriba raw chocolate and Rawsome crackers.





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