Top 5 Vegan ice cream spots in Vancouver

With the summer weather already here its time to hit some vegan ice cream spots! here is our top five picks in Vancouver!

Virtuous Pie

Be prepared for an explosion of flavours from peanut butter to cookie dough to tumeric! Oh and do not forget the ice cream cookie sandwiches! we decided to share one last time we went and it was literally mind blowing we will definitely get one each next time! the cookies were amazing 33111761_364690154040080_7597399720415199232_n(1)

2) Earnest ice cream!


With several locations and one now in North Vancouver they have a great reputation and in the summer always have long line ups! they have flavours such as cherry choc chip (our favourite) and maple walnut!

3) Umaluma


A plant based ice cream parlour, some of their ice cream uses honey so not 100% vegan but close! they are on the more expensive side which is unfortunate but their ice cream is a great treat with flavours like salted caramel and chocolate turtle there is a lot to choose from!



Innocent Ice Cream

This place is brand new and unfortunately not plant based but they have several different vegan flavours. We went to check it out last week and we were pleasantly surprised they have 4 vegan ice creams and 2 sorbettos. There cookies are gluten free and vegan! and so so delicious how do they do it??


5) La Glace


This place is super cute! its in Kitsilano area on west 16th avenue the decor is amazing their vegan flavour is coconut pandan which is amazing its so creamy and delicious! they usually have rotating vegan flavours too we went around Christmas time and they had a peppermint bark flavour. We seriously need to go back again.

le glace





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