Top 10 tips for transitioning vegans

We have been vegan long enough now that we don’t think twice about it, it’s second nature. People tell us it must be so hard but trust us when we tell you  it’s not! We were vegetarian for almost 10 years before finally turning vegan. We didn’t really think about the whole reasons around being vegan vs vegetarian we thought being vegetarian was good enough that we were saving animals lives right?

When we lived in Whistler we started attending vegan potlucks and having discusssions with people about veganism and their reasons behind it. We educated ourselves on what becoming a vegan involved and where our dairy and eggs come from.

Here are our top 10 tips to help you on your journey! These are the things that we just learnt as we went along and the tips from our journey. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional tips you can share!

1.) Documentries

We watched a few documetries such as “Forks over Knives”  and “Eating you alive”to educate ourselves. We are vegans for the animals but don’t like to watch the documentries that are too heavy on the slaughter and abusive side of things so we focus more on the health benefits as those documentries are super interesting and leave you feeling inspired instead of sad.

2) Potlucks

We honestly didn’t realize how much  food was available to you as a vegan until we started going to potlucks in Whistler with Earthsave Whistler we literally left absolutely stuffed after each potluck we would go home and be so inspired to make new dishes.

3) Social media

When we turned vegan it was 6 years ago now and honestly social media wasn’t as big on the whole vegan thing as it is now. Facebook has some great groups such as  and “Vancouver vegans” “What F.A.T vegans eat” most city’s have their own Facebook groups just search!

Instagram is now HUGE we were not into it for the longest time but now we are all about the gram! it’s great for inspiration! We follow fellow vegan Instagramers or restaurants in our areas or if we are visiting a new city then we can follow and ask people for recommendations etc. @vegantwins_vancouver

Homemade cheastnut and caramalised onion pie!

4) Friendship groups

It helps to have a fellow vegan friend, even if it’s just one! We are’nt suggesting alienating your meat loving friends but it can be discouraging if you don’t have a like minded buddy on your side. Leading to point number…

5) Meet Ups

These are a great way to make friends and most cities will have “Meet up” groups. We even just started our own meet up group for “North and West Vancouver vegans”  It’s a great way to meet like minded people and gain tips on how to be vegan and eat some great food also!

This is from a Meet up from Indigo age

6) Learn to cook

A lot of people are scared to become vegan because they think it involves a lot of cooking! Your right it can…. but it can be simple too! Don’t over think it, start off simple and work your way up to the complicated dishes. Minimalist Baker is a great source for simple recipes. Vegan is now huge and you can find vegan food in most restaurants but beware it’s easy to get sucked into eating out too much!

7) Try new things!

Trust us! You may be surprised! When you are a Kid you grow up saying “I don’t like that I don’t like this” as you grow into an adult a lot of these thoughts stick around but sometimes if you just try something new you may realize your tastebuds have changed or you just get over that fear that you don’t like a dish before you even tried it!

Almond date balls wth coconut.

8) If you slip don’t worry!

Your human! It doesn’t mean you have to go back to eating meat and dairy. Some vegans can be pretty harsh and may make you feel super guilty for slipping but they shouldn’t and don’t feel guilty! Just get back on track when you are ready.

9) Vitamins!

Being vegetarian or vegan for most of our lives we have never actually been deficient in any vitamins, perhaps our body is used to having no meat in it. We got tested regularly and were never even low in iron or b12 which are the two major concerns for most people when they think vegan. Even though we were never low we have started taking iron, b12, d3, omegas, vitamin c and probiotics and Della takes digestive enzymes also. We don’t take each one every day, sometimes we feel we get enough through our diet. B12 and iron we probably take the most and omega’s we try to get from eating hemp, flax or chia seeds. Pro biotics and digestive enzymes help aid digestion.

10) Don’t try to do too much at once.

Being vegan involves a lot more than just the food you eat. It’s the clothes you wear, the products you buy, the actions you do. It can get overwhelming pretty fast! You can only do so much at once so ease yourself into it if you need to. Start by “cutting out” or “replacing” one thing at a time. It doesn’t have to happen over night.




Instagram: @vegantwins_vancouver for inspiration on vegan food feel free to follow us!



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