Our favourite spots to Brunch in Vancouver Vegan style

Brunch! who doesn’t love Brunch?? We love going out for brunch when we can there’ss just something about it that makes it that much more special than just breakfast and lunch. Some restaurants will serve extra dishes on the weekends that they don’t on the other days of the week so you just gotta go right?

Heirloom Ambleside

So Della recently went to the new Heirloom for brunch and got the vegan benny and was not impressed at all it was very plain and seemed to be missing a component, the servers soon helped me out and service was great but still did not leave satisfied as i have had a lot better benny’s before. We decided to go back and try something else on the menu… we had the matcha hot cakes and french toast, we were not disappointed! The matcha hot cakes were legit! Heirloom redeemed themselves. Vegan pancakes are often quite dense and taste similar everywhere you go. These were on another level- They had matcha in but they did not taste gross like matcha often can if your not used to the taste. They were light and fluffy and served with dark chocolate gelato, lemon curd and strawberries. The french toast was great too.

Brunch Heirloom
Heirloom: French toast and Matcha hot cakes

Virtuous pie- UBC

A must is Virtuous pie…The UBC location. The Chinatown location does not have AC right now and it’s often busy so you can’t find seats. The UBC location is a lot bigger and has plenty of seating if you go in the summer it should be pretty quiet as the students are not there. But in term time it is super busy at peak times.

The Peking express is out favourite with hoisin mushrooms and ginger sauce it’s so tasty. Another great one is the Grandma pie which is cheesy and delicious. On the weekends for brunch they have some extra choices with tater tot and benny pizzas to a chocolate calzone you are spoilt for choice!

Brunch virtuous pie

Chickpea Restaurant

Next is Chickpea restaurant which has seen phenomenal success since it opened not that long ago. In addition to their usual choices of chickpea and falafel items they have pancakes and french toast on their brunch menu served until 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The french toast is a huge portion and you could probably share it along with a nice fresh pressed juice.

Brunch chickpea


Meet is another obvious choice if you are a vegan and live in Vancouver its a sin if you have never eaten at Meet. They have three locations now- Main street, Gastown and Yaletown so they pretty much cover the whole of Vancouver. We went recently as our friend was visiting from Australia and when we asked her where would you like to go for brunch she did not hesitate before saying Meet in Gastown! we tried their Poutine burger which is a feature right now on the menu! it was great, i have never had poutine before but putting it in a burger was great . We also tried the Big Yum which was amazing! so tasty with tahini sauce!

Brunch meet in gastown

Brunch meet bowl

Lotus seed

Next is Lotus seed which might be fairly unfamiliar to most people in Vancouver but i think that will change soon. They have a great vegan menu for brunch! we have only been here twice but i think it will become a new favourite. They have a vegan benny that we have not tried so will defiantly go back for that. We went recently as a meet up with @meatlessmeetup and they served us a great dish with scrambled tofu it was the best scrambled tofu we have tried yet! with some blueberry waffle and fresh fruit. There menus is decently priced compared to other options also which is great.

Brunch lotus seed



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  1. Great recommendations! I can’t wait to check these places out! I’ve been meaning to get to Heirloom on Ambleside. I will have to add that to my schedule next Sunday when I go for the Farmer’s Market ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have never heard of Lotus, so I will definitely look into going there.


    1. Ye we r thinking of going to lotus again on Saturday. If you are interested we are event organizers for the meetless meet up group and we are hosting a vegan brunch at heirloom ambleside on September 9th st 10.30am also we have our own vegan meet up group called north and west Vancouver vegans and have two meet ups lined up for this month so you should check them out!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, that’s fantastic! Would love to join the group! I’ll be away for the last few weeks of August but will try to make a September meet up. Let me know how to join the group ๐Ÿ™‚


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