Vancouver veg fest 2018 !

WOW! a veg fest in Vancouver? this one just seemed to sneak up on us we only heard about it 2-3 weeks in advance, it came about pretty fast and became so popular with the help of social media, no need to plan things a year in advance when you have the power of social media to get the word out there!

When we first moved to Vancouver only 4 years ago there was a veg fest one year that was ok then the next year it just did not take off for whatever reason, with next to no vendors. We knew there was so much more potential from Vancouver. Now fast forward to only 4 years later and KABOOM! with huge social media influences having such an impact and vegan food bigger and more popular than ever the amazing @erinireland and @zachtruck organised a vegan veg fest for the city of Vancouver which generated a huge buzz on social media with almost 5000 people interested in going on the Facebook page.

Around 11:30am

This event was located in 102 E4th Avenue in mount pleasant Vancouver. The space was small and next year they definitely need a larger space now they know how popular it was! there were 23 different vendors such as @Amaivegantreats, Temphe, @dippeddoughnutco, Companion_breadyvr, @Yellowbasketbaking, @hippocketpies. This veg fest was literally made up of Vancouver’s best treats and we got to try some products for the first time, like Hip pocket pies, they were legit! so so tasty 10/10 and we wish they were sold somewhere in Vancouver! We also bought a dipped doughnut which was amazing and tried companion bread treats for the first time.

The line ups were HUGE but as long as you have patience they were honestly not too bad, and if you have a twin (or a buddy) you can split up and get through them twice as fast. Can’t wait until next year!






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